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Slovakia Discussed Current European Union Affairs

Researchers from Department of Political Science at the Comenius University in Bratislava organized several discussions with citizens in six cities across the country. Total of 89 people participated in discussions in various regions of Slovakia so that they include East, Central and West part of the country.

Citizens raised several problems regarding the current European Union affairs, however, the following three were the most often repeated and discussed in the most detail: the migration crisis, life standard discrepancies between East and West members, and double standards in food quality as the main issues in the current European affairs.

The general atmosphere was slightly negative, despite the fact that citizens acknowledged also several benefits of the EU membership. However, the common link to all discussions has been disappointment in how the EU fails in delivering better jobs, less corruption, and more equality between the old and new members. A particular problem regarded abuse of the European funds. Citizens admitted the problem is dominantly at national level, however, they expected the Union to protect its money to a higher degree.

There was also an observable difference between older and younger generation. While the older generation used several arguments based on their life experience and was able to articulate their opinion, the reasoning of the younger people was shallower and based on arguments drawn from media discourse or close social environment (life partners, teachers in school, family members).

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